We’re delighted that M2’s Louise Abbott has been recognised by Citywealth in the top 50 crypto professionals.

An organisation which celebrates the trailblazers in the cryptocurrency and digital assets industry

More About Louise Abbott

To support the legal team Louise employs the services of various intelligence agencies to provide an all-in-one crypto recovery service, covering everything from investigating, tracing and recovering the proceeds of fraud or theft. The former Security Services and Military Intelligence professionals use the latest tracing tools and software, combining this with open-source data, technical analysis, and human source contacts to ensure we have the best chance of recovery for our clients. Recently, Louise’s advocate team obtained the first reported order for summary judgment in a crypto case, from the High Court of England and Wales.

Louise is a Director at M2Recovery Limited which is offering the world’s first before-the-event legal expenses insurance for crypto asset recovery. Prior to joining M2 Recovery Louise was Head of Commercial Litigation and Civil Fraud at Howard Kennedy.

Louise frequently contributes to articles through journalists from newspaper and media agencies on all legal aspects of crypto currency.

Louise has shared her expertise on crypto fraud and the legal process to recovery of crypto assets through TV news pieces and documentaries including BBC Panorama, CoinDesk, Sky News, Fox News and CNBC. In addition, Louise has written pieces for The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, Metro and legal publications such as The Verdict. Further to this, Louise has delivered training sessions for British Police Forces to detail the process of Civil Recovery of Crypto assets.