Crypto legal expenses insurance

Could you afford to recover your crypto assets if they were lost due to fraud or theft?

For victims of crypto asset investment fraud, the cost of trying to recover lost assets can quickly escalate. Legal fees, court fees, investigatory fees, witness statements, expert reports, counsel’s opinions. It all adds up.

In fact, it can cost upwards of £250,000 to investigate and recover lost crypto assets, and if you’re able to find a firm or a litigation funder willing to act purely on a contingency basis, they will likely require a significant cut of the value of your recovery.

We’ve created a groudbreaking solution

In 2022 crypto owners being defrauded out of more than £11 billion over the course of the year
(this was almost double the 2021 figure).

Frequently asked questions

The policy costs £8,000 + 12% IPT

Total premium payable £8,960

Our unique policy covers up to £250,000 of legal expenses and disbursements associated with recovering your crypto assets lost as a result of any theft or fraud. (We do not provide any insurance cover in respect of the digital asset itself)

We provide legal expenses cover for any digital assets above £250,000, example assets include; Crypto currencies (such as bitcoin, doge coin etc), Utility tokens (such as Freeway Tokens) and assets invested through and metaverse.

The loss must be certified by your solicitor, have a reasonable prospect of success, can be pursued within the territorial limit and must have been located within the Blockchain prior to the policy being activated.

This policy covers your legal costs to recover your crypto assets. It does not cover the value of your crypto assets.

This policy does not cover:

  • Any actual or alleged act, omission, loss or dispute occurring prior to, or existing at the inception of the policy, and which You knew or ought reasonably to have known could give rise to a Covered Loss under this policy.
  • Any costs and disbursements ordered against You in the proceedings.
  • Any loss arising from or relating to the financial failure, liquidation, bankruptcy, insolvency, receivership or administration of any Exchange.
  • Any loss as a result of currency exchange rate fluctuation at the time of settlement.
  • Any costs or Disbursements arising from any appeal to any recovery.

To commence a claim under your insurance policy, you will need to notify M2 via [email protected] attaching a copy of your certificate of cover.

A member of M2’s legal team will contact you to begin the process of recovering your stolen crypto assets.

This policy shall terminate immediately:

  • Upon exhaustion of the Limit of Indemnity by payments made under this Policy.
  • If Your Solicitor with good reason refuses to continue to act for You.
  • You dismissed Your Solicitor without good reason, or You withdraw from the claim without Our agreement, cover will end immediately unless We approve the appointment of another Solicitor in substitution.
  • Your Crypto Assets have been withdrawn / encashed or sold by You.
  • One Covered Loss has been indemnified by Us.