Claim It Back Step 3

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Great news! The recovery process is very simple and we have a “No Win, No Fee” policy

Please submit the required documents. Once we have received the requisite documents and information from you, we will conduct a free audit to calculate the total amount you can recover.

So, let's get started and claim back what is legally yours.

Thank you for submitting the details. We have sent you an email with Terms & Conditions
and the letter of authority. Please upload the following documents:

Documents you need to upload
  • Letter of authority (on your personal/company headed paper notepaper, signed and dated). Please check your email, we have sent you a copy of it. You can also download it here
  • Latest insurance certificate
  • Latest invoice for the premium payable
  • Extract from the lease confirming your landlord’s insurance obligations

For further help with these documents? Please see this video.

You can send us these documents by Uploading them here
or email us at

If you have any queries, please call us on 0203 757 8750