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M2 Recovery

“I began my career in insurance in 1974 working for a provincial insurance brokers based in the Midlands. In 1985 I joined a City of London insurance brokerage and following the sale of this business I was persuaded by the directors to establish my own insurance brokerage in 1987.” – Neil Holloway, Founder, M2 Recovery
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How your insurance premiums are inflated

Introduction to secret commission recovery


The freeholder, or their managing agent, usually arranges this cover through a broker, which takes a commission from the insurer.

Secret insurance commissions were widespread in the commercial property sector, but residential leaseholders were also victims.

In many cases there is simply too much at stake for them to change their practices and the situation is therefore

Leaseholders come to me with huge premiums that are not competitive and they can’t understand why. 

Regulator has remained silent for five years but is coming under renewed pressure.